3 Ways to Optimize Your Sperm For Maximum Fertility

3 Ways to Optimize Your Sperm For Maximum Fertility

3 Ways to Optimize Your Sperm For Maximum Fertility

Male fertility is a concern that oftentimes goes ignored. People put too much focus on the female, forgetting that either individual can have fertility problems. Those who want to avoid artificial insemination and who would like to increase their chances of a natural pregnancy should look into ways to increase sperm motility and numbers. Doing this is all about the man making smarter choices regarding his health and his testicles. These choices are simple but vital.

1. Healthy Eating and Living

What you eat can have a tremendous effect on your body as a whole. Junk food and being overweight decrease your sperm count. Switching to healthier foods, fruits and vegetables and other whole foods, will give your body the nutrition it needs for sperm production. The nutrients, including vitamin C and zinc, amongst others, are in foods like oranges, whole grains, and leafy greens. Making them the majority of a diet will lead to healthier sperm production.

Staying slim is important, too. Men within a healthy weight range had greater sperm motility as well as fewer abnormal sperm. Healthy weight men, in general, had healthier sperm compared to those that were overweight, even those slightly overweight.
Part of a healthier lifestyle is reducing smoking and drinking. Both of these can reduce fertility in men, smoking especially. Quitting smoking can produce healthier sperm while lowering the child’s risks of cancer. Avoiding heavy drinking can have a similar effect by improving the health of the sperm, though it is not as dangerous as smoking is.

2. Understanding Medication and Chemicals

Medication can reduce male fertility as an unintended side effect. Not all medication will do this, but many will. Learn more about the medication that you take and speak to your doctor about the potential of reduced fertility with yours. If you currently take a medication that affects fertility, speak to your doctor about reducing or stopping use or finding an alternative.

Different chemicals can reduce fertility. Recreational drugs and fumes from certain materials or products can cause deformations in the sperm as well as infertility. Stopping any drug usage and being safe around potentially dangerous materials and products is the smart way to go.

3. Keep Them Comfortable

Avoid pressure, heat, and trauma in the testicles. Remember to wear loose-fitted and comfortable clothing, keep anything hot off the area, and be safe in everyday life. Part of reducing trauma is managing activities that can cause repeated trauma, even slight, like mountain biking.

Artificial insemination is not the only choice. You can increase sperm motility and male fertility by making smarter, healthier choices.

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