Men’s Guide : The Best Timing to Get Pregnant

Men’s Guide : The Best Timing to Get Pregnant

The best timing to get pregnant, from men’s perspective

When it comes to pregnancy, women are usually the ones that are making most of the preparations to get ready for the moment of conception. But, men have a critical role to play in this story as well, so they are entitled to know how they can contribute to making a pregnancy happen. If a couple decided that it is time to have a child, both partners should be involved in the process. There are many things to be known about pregnancy and how to make it a reality, so a bit of research is always welcome. In fact, the following lines are dedicated to men, so they will know when the best timing for their partner to get pregnant is and how they can play their role in this in the best way possible.
When can a woman get pregnant?

Most men have the false assumption that a healthy woman can get pregnant at any time of the month, after sexual intercourse. Well, if you tried to have a child up to this point and it didn’t happen, you probably figured out that this is not going to happen so quickly. Women cannot get pregnant in any day of the month. The most important thing to know, when looking to start a pregnancy, is the so-called “fertile window” of the woman. This is practically the only time when the body of a woman is ready to start a pregnancy if all the favorable conditions are met. With other words, if you have sex during the fertile window there are the highest changes to start a pregnancy.

The fertile window occurs five days before the ovulation takes place and lasts until the day of the ovulation. It is considered a fertile period because the sperm cells can survive up to 5 days in the uterus, before being expelled or absorbed if nothing happens. If the sperm cells are in the uterus before the ovaries release the egg, there are higher chances for conception to take place, because the life span of the egg is very short, lasting only 24 hours. So, if you will start having sex with five days before the ovulation occurs, and the following days until the ovulation, you have good chances to start a pregnancy. Of course, the closer you get to the day of the ovulation, the bigger the chances are as well. In case your partner does not know when her fertile window is, there are ways for her to find out, by monitoring her period every month and taking her temperature. There is plenty of info on how to determine the fertile window online, so it won’t be so difficult to find out.

How should men prepare their body for this event?

Even if the biggest part of delivering a baby is assigned to women, men also have a critical role to play. To make a pregnancy happen, a man should have healthy sperm that will get united with the egg. It is well known that both partners should go through a set of medical test. One of these things should be a sperm test. You shouldn’t be worried about getting sperm test because even if the results are not ideal, you can improve the situation through diet and a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that stress, drugs, smoking, obesity and many other environmental effects can diminish the quality of the sperm. But, if you know initial sperm quality before trying to prepare for a baby, you can take the proper measures to improve the situation and increase the chances for a pregnancy to occur.
Instead of wasting precious time on trying to start a pregnancy without any success, you could easily see a doctor and get your sperm checked. If you don’t enjoy this idea too much, you can use a DIY sperm test to look at your sperm. A sperm count test will let you know what adjustments you need to do to your lifestyle if you want to conceive a baby.
How often should men have sex with their partner?

There are many myths and assumptions when it comes to the frequency of sex in a couple with the purpose of starting a pregnancy. If you thought that having sex too often will decrease the quality of the sperm, you know now that such a belief is entirely false. If you have sex daily or every other day, there are much higher chances to start a pregnancy than in the case of having sex once a week.

In the end, what is the best timing for pregnancy?

A spermatozoon can live up to 5 days in the uterus before it is absorbed and can no longer produce a pregnancy; this is why the best period to have sex is three days before the ovulation, to make sure that the spermatozoa are in great shape by checking your sperm with DIY sperm test. Also, sex before the ovulation significantly increases the chances of pregnancy than sex after the ovulation, because the life span of the egg is tiny. The egg lives only 24 hours, so if a spermatozoon does not meet the egg within this time frame, the egg will be eliminated from the body through the menstruation process. Thus, once your partner knows when her ovulation day will occur, it is time to get busy in the bedroom.


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