What No One Tells You About Steroids Use and Low Sperm Count

What No One Tells You About Steroids Use and Low Sperm Count

What No One Tells You About Steroids Use and Low Sperm Count

How Steroids Are Affecting Your Sperm Motility

Those supplements and steroids may help you get the most out of your work out, but what about the side effects? Find out how your sperm motility is at risk.

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You can finally put your parents’ complaints to rest: yes, you’re trying to have a baby. After all this time, you’re going to make them grandparents! They must be so excited.

With this knowledge, there’s a lot to think about! Names, baby clothes, nursery room wall colors, couples fertility yoga…oof.

However, one thing many men don’t often think about is their ability to make their partner pregnant. This is a topic that should be taken seriously, especially considering that nearly 15% of couples are incapable of having children.

The truth is, lots of things can harm your sperm motility, or the ability of your sperm to swim towards the egg.

One of those things is steroids.

Let’s jump into why using steroids could be negative for your sperm production.

How Steroids Are Decreasing Your Sperm Motility

To put it simply, steroids create a huge boost in testosterone in the body. That helps men look big and manly, and makes their muscles larger. That’s why we see so many athletes using them.

While more testosterone doesn’t seem like a bad thing, the excess hormone can cause some serious confusion in your body.

Let’s look at the process step by step.

1. Steroids Increase Testosterone

When you take steroids, your body moves all the testosterone in your testicles elsewhere.

The body always wants to maintain a balance called homeostasis, but the higher testosterone levels in the body throw that balance out of whack.

With more testosterone flying around, your body…

2. Decreases Its Testosterone Production

Your brain shouting to your body, “woah, there’s a lot of testosterone in here!” It signals to slow the production of testosterone in the testicles, where your sperm is produced.

Over time, this decreased testosterone production leads to…

3. Permanently Reduced Testosterone Levels

So here’s the bad news.

When your brain and body tell the testicles to stop making testosterone, your body also stops making hormones vital to sperm production.

Over time, continued steroid use can actually shrink a man’s testicles, halting the creation of new sperm altogether. No new sperm means no sperm motility and no fertilized egg. This leads to huge problems when trying to get pregnant.

How Do I Get My Sperm Back?

Unfortunately, steroid use has been shown to impact sperm production in the long term.

Fortunately, with preventative knowledge and foresight, there are things you can do to avoid further damage.

Above all, leading a healthy lifestyle while avoiding chemicals and steroids can get your sperm motility back around its old levels.

And, if you need even more knowledge…

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