What You Can Do to Increase Your Sperm Coun

What You Can Do to Increase Your Sperm Coun

What You Can Do to Increase Sperm Count

Reproductive health is important, especially when you’re trying to have children. Find out what simple steps you can take to increase sperm count.

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Low sperm count can crush a man’s self-confidence.

Unfortunately, however, men are often left out of the conversation surrounding infertility.

As a result, men aren’t as informed about their options as they could be. They might not know how to increase sperm count. They also might not even be aware of the bad habits that contribute to infertility.

Because we know that dealing with infertility is hard, we’re giving you some tips on how to increase your sperm count.

Cool Down

Some research suggests that heat adversely affects male fertility. The heat can potentially kill sperm.

Granted, that heat has to make contact with a man’s privates to do so.

Of course, if you like hot tubs or use laptops, you expose your genitals to heat quite frequently.

Technically speaking, avoiding heat doesn’t increase sperm count. It does, however, help keep the little guys you have alive and well.

Steer Clear of Testosterone Supplements

Just like heat, testosterone supplements can negatively affect fertility in men.

According to one study in particular, “many men who sought infertility treatment at two U.S. clinics reported taking prescription testosterone supplements.” After they stopped taking the supplements, “their sperm counts skyrocketed.”

Why the sudden increase in sperm production?

As it turns out, the added testosterone can turn off sperm production in males. Despite that fact, “very few physicians” warn their patients about the dangers of supplementation.

That said, if you are taking any testosterone supplements, stop immediately. After some time, your sperm count should increase.

If it doesn’t, consider paying a visit to your doctor.

Diet & Exercise

Your doctor no doubt recommends making changes to your diet and exercise routine each time you come in for a checkup. Consequently, we probably sound a bit like a broken record here.

Still, you can’t hear good advice too many times. Superfoods really are your friends, as is exercise.

When planning your meals, go for foods which are rich in vitamins C and D. You should also prioritize finding good sources of zinc.

There are foods that you should avoid as well. These include processed meats and fast food.

Don’t Stress

Stress is an often overlooked caused of a great many personal tragedies. It can cause your hair to shed excessively and cause you to crave junk foods.

And, unfortunately, it can also lower your sperm count.

The not-so-fun truth is that de-stressing isn’t as easy we’d like it to be. We can’t just banish our stress so that we can continue planning our families.

Because of this fact, we recommend that you identify what’s causing your stress and address it before making a play for children. After you’ve taken the time off you need, come back and try again.

The time just might be right the next time around.

Other Ways to Increase Sperm Count

If you’ve tried everything above and nothing has worked for you, there are other routes available to you. Your doctors will certainly work with you if you absolutely need professional help.

Hopefully, you’re a long way from needing a professional.

If you’re starting to wonder, however, about whether or not you need one, try doing a semen analysis. Technology has even come far enough to allow you to do one on your smartphone.

Don’t believe us?

Our Zoon app, which is currently in development, will allow men like you to do just that.

The best thing about it? We’re currently offering early access to it at a discounted price. Don’t miss out.

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